Tomas Shatz

From a young age, Tomas Schats was passionate about creativity and sharing his ideas with the world. The starting point of his creative journey began at the Graphic Lyceum in Eindhoven, providing a solid foundation for his artistic skills. He continued his education at the Academy in Den Bosch (now known as St. Joost) and graduated in 2002. A path of dedication to his art was clearly marked.

Schats is characterized by illustrations marked by simplicity, clean lines, and minimal use of colors. Don’t be mistaken: simplicity does not mean superficial, as his works always convey a deeper message.
Thomas’s animation work can be admired at renowned names such as NRC and VPRO. For these companies, he occasionally steps away from his traditional simplicity and adds color to give his drawings more substance.

About seven years ago, Tomas shifted his focus to spatial art, introducing a new dimension to his creativity. Some of his drawings called for a spatial translation because as flat illustrations, they didn’t fully capture their essence.
One of these translations is his work called the ‘Garbage Bin House,’ a massive blend of a trash bin and a house where visitors can dispose of their waste through the tiltable roof.

This artwork is made from foam sheets, reinforced with an internal structure. The finish with Acrylic One and triaxial fabric gives it a seamless appearance. For safety, the artwork is secured on-site with anchor bolts into the ground.

Tomas is a big fan of Acrylic One due to its short drying times and the natural, healthy nature of the material. He is even considering a complete switch to Acrylic One.
So far, he has not en”untered any drawbacks in using it. His small sculptures are now also produced using our material.

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