Creating a safer,
more beautiful world

Discover Acrylic One

Our water based composite was meticulously crafted xx
years ago. With rigorous testing and stringent safety
standards, we've engineered a material that combines the
delicate versatility to bring your vision to life with robust
safety measurements.

safety performances

Acrylic One masters all the
pinnacles of safety ratings.
Heavy testing resulted in robust
fire resistance, an xxx score of
xxx (eco document) and an
all weather suitability.

see fire ratings
see tas
see outdoor performance

unlimited forms

Create flawless replicas and offer
the ideal solution to give your
project a fresh look and feel. With
its versatility in shapes and
expressions, Acrylic One is perfect for upgrading your project.

effortless handling

Designed with your ease in mind,Acrylic One ensures that yourcreative process flows effortlessly. Even the most diffucult tasks are ano brainer for our product.

Our mission is to empower you with comprehensive
knowledge about our product, so you can contribute to a
safer and more aesthetically pleasing world.

At Acrylic One, we’re dedicated to providing you with the
expertise and tools to transform your ideas into reality.



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