A1 Sealer PLUS

This is a water based coating to protect the product against moisture and to give the product a weather resistant quality. A1 Sealer PLUS is a concentrated solution of acryl polymers in water. Always add 30% water to A1 Sealer PLUS before use. The work surface must be free of wax, oil, dirt and dust. Apply the sealer with a brush, roller, brushing with a soft cloth or with a spray.

A1 Sealer PLUS can be applied in one or more layers to improve the protective qualities of the layer. A second layer can be applied after 45 minutes, depending on the temperature and humidity. When applying the sealer with a soft cloth, one layer of A1 Sealer PLUS will result in a satin matte gloss. More gloss is achieved by applying several layers. 

We recommend inspecting the treated surface every year and if necessary re-treat it with A1 Sealer PLUS every 6 years. This creates an expected life span of the A1 object of 50 years.

There is a choice of A1 Sealer PLUS Matt and A1 Sealer PLUS Satin. For the most matt result, we recommend applying a layer with the A1 Sealer Satin first and then a layer with A1 Sealer Matt.

The advantages are:
- one component
- free of solvents
- water-based
- quick drying
- easy to apply
- good UV-resistance
- excellent adhesion
- dirt resistant and water resistant

Data: Minimum processing temperature: 10 °C
Average use: 8-10 m2 per litre
Shelf life: 1 year in closed packaging
Storage: frost-free and protected against direct sunlight