There are additives available for the enhancement of the A1 process, for the shortening or lengthening the processing time or for the dilution or thickening of A1.

A1 retarder can be used to lengthen the processing time. The retarder must always be added to the A1 resin. Add a maximum of 5 parts of retarder to 100 parts of A1 resin.

A1 accelerant can be used to shorten the processing time and to increase productivity. Always add the accelerant to A1 resin. Add a maximum of 2 parts accelerants to 100 parts of A1 resin. The accelerant can also be used to correct any retarding effects of pigments and fillers.

A1 Thix A is an additive to thicken the product and to give it a gel texture.  The maximum achievable thickness is achieved by adding 6% to the total weight. This thixotropy agent is applied to produce gel coats and vertical or suspended parts.

A1 Thix B is an additive to thicken the product to give it a paste structure. It can be used as a gel coat and as a paste to fill up textures. We recommend that you do not use this product if the object is expected to be exposed to water, as this product’s water resistance is lower. Alternatively, you can apply a good protective layer.

A1 Diluent reduces the viscosity of A1. It can be used to cast complicated products or to enable the use of more than one filler. A1 thinner can affect the processing time. Never use more than 5% A1 thinner in proportion to the total weight.