How to use A1

Weighing and mixing

A1 must be carefully weighed and mixed. The mixing ratio of A1 is 2 parts A1 Powder mixed with 1 part A1 Liquid. Fill the cup or bucket with the required amount of A1 Liquid. Use the stainless steel High Shear Mixer to create a swirl. Then add the correct amount of A1 Powder into the swirl. Continue mixing until a smooth mixture is achieved without lumps and continue to mix for an additional 30 seconds approx. Ensure that none of the material sticks to the bottom and sides and that everything is included in the mixture.

Processing time 
The standard processing time, after mixing, is 20 minutes. When a shorter or longer processing time is required, this can be achieved by adding additives.

Curing time 
A1 is a water-based product. Residual moisture must evaporate before obtaining the final result. The time needed for curing properly depends on several factors, such as the dimension of the object, the temperature and humidity. When the object has been laminated or cast in a mould, it can be removed from the mould as soon as it is strong enough to cope with the forces present. The product will achieve the optimum strength outside of the mould.

Hands and skin can be washed using soap and water. Clean the equipment with water directly after use. We suggest that the brushes and equipment are cleaned in a bucket of water instead of in a wash basin, as the hardening process continues under water.

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Tips and Tricks
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