A1 (short for Acrylic One) is a two-component material consisting of a mineral powder and a water-based acrylic resin. These bond and result in a very strong material. A1 is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, fire resistant and is easy to use. 



Important areas of application

• Architecture, indoor as well as outdoor
• Art and Sculpture
• Decorations and stage-setting
• Laminated panels
• Reproductions
• Moulding
• Model building
• Moulding constructions and supporting covers
• Covering polystyrene


• No solvents
• Low generation of heat (max 40°C)
• No shrinking
• Environmentally friendly
• Better working conditions
• Very high standard of fire resistance
• UV stabilized
• Can be painted over
• Great variety of surface structures
• Rainwater resistant (when sealed)
• Good mechanical properties

A1 can be moulded, laminated, applied with spatula, brush or roller. These techniques can be used in combination and can be applied in a mould or on an object.