A1 organises workshops “Working with A1”. During these three hours workshop, we give you a demonstration laminating and casting A1. Also, the use of EPS and Triaxial fibre in combination with A1 is demonstrated. Silicones are very useful working with A1 and will be shown during our workshop. Of course, there will be enough time to ask any question you have and to work with A1 yourself.



After the workshop you will receive our A1 basic starter kit which consists of:

- 7.5 kg A1
- 5 m2 Triaxial fibre

or our extended starter kit which consists of:

- 7.5 kg A1
- 5 m2 A1 Triaxial fibre
- 0.25 kg A1 Retarder to extend your working time
- 0.25 kg A1 Thix A to thicken A1
- 0.25 kg A1 Sealer
- 0.25 kg A1 Iron powder for special effects
- 0.25 A1 Black pigment
- 1 kg A1 ATP powder
- 30 mm A1 High Shear Mixer


Please contact our distributors directly for more information about our workshop. Be aware that at present not all distributors offer workshops.